LP Gas installation regulations (SANS10087)

External gas cylinder placement and installation.

According to SANS 10087, the regulations state where a bottle can or can’t be placed and how an installation may be completed.

Cylinder(s) cannot be placed closer than 1m to a door, window or airbrick.
Cylinder(s) cannot be placed closer than 2m to an open drain or man hole where the gas can gather if the bottle leaks.
Cylinder(s) cannot be placed closer than 5m to an electrical point such as a DB board, motor, generator, pool pump etc.
Cylinder(s) cannot be placed underneath a window unless the window is no less than 3m above. This distance can be reduced to 300mm by a non-combustible roof which is placed between the window and the cylinder/s.
Cylinder(s) cannot be placed closer than 1m to a boundary wall, unless the wall is a double brick “firewall” > 1.8m tall, with no ventilation gaps in the wall.

Connection to Hob from the cylinders outside

Wall sockets are to be at least 200mm either side of the cooking top.
The isolation switch must be at least 200mm away from the cooking top.
No plug points to be placed in the cupboard directly underneath the hob or cooking top.
The electrical connection for the ignition is to be connected directly. It cannot be plugged in.

Inside placement of gas cylinder for Hob (Gas Installation in cupboard)

Cylinder cannot be installed above the cooking or heating appliance.
Cylinder cannot be installed in pantries or other places for food storage.
Adequate ventilation in the cupboard door must be ensured.
The cylinder cannot be closer than 300mm from the gas hob.
No electrical connections or plug points to be installed in the same cupboard as the cylinder.